Thursday, 21 May 2009

Honest Scrap... thanks alison and helen!

I have been given this award from alison and a couple of days ago Helen! but haven't had time to post... am now getting in trouble off hubby cause not concentrating on the film! and i should be LOL... Anyway the rules are I have to thank the person for the award - already done, post a link to their blog i'll do both! alison and helen list 10 honest things about myself so here goes!

1) I am a massive football fan - manchester united being my team, but i will watch any game that is on telly I hav more football shirts than hubby!...

2) I have woken up in the middle of the night and crept downstairs to craft...

3) My hubby is my soulmate but can annoy me immensely (not just cause he's a city fan!)

4) I spend far too much money on craft stuff...

5) I have been to see Michael Bolton live!...

6) I always think that my house is dirty and get aggitated if I don't clean it!...

7) I love work and the people I work with...

8) I'm jealous of all the people in the world that have craft rooms - when my stuff is under my bed...

9) I get the giggles when I should be keeping quiet which always makes me laugh more...

10) I am always cold!

So now to the seven people

Ta Da done - will let them know now!


  1. Thank you Debbi!!! What a lovely lady you are! I can relate to your No. 2 confession!!!! I did that last night when I couldn't sleep :o) xxxxx

  2. Thanks bud...have to think about my ten things now.1) Steal neighbours cats.LOL!!!!

    Hugs SamXX

  3. Well you learn something new everyday don't you now! Sorry I tagged you too to play this little game when you've done it already - feel free to play again but this post definitely counts so don't worry! I can sympathise with No.4 for sure LOL!


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