Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ultimate Blog Challenge...

I didn't post yesterday as the day just seemed to get away from me - so I thought I would share with you my scabby dog!
He is a beautiful boy (to me) and was a birthday present from my daddy just over a year ago... 
So how did we come to get him??

My dad lives on the Wirral and he had been to the dogs home several times with my sister as she was looking for a dog... My dad know that my best friend had two shar-pei's and had paid a small fortune for them. When speaking to the dogs home he learned that my guy had been there for several weeks and no-one looked even vaguely interested in taking him home. 
I went on the website to have a look at him and fell in love...
My hubby didn't really want a dog and we were worried about how much looking after he would need as he has a bad skin condition and a lot of his fur was missing on his back and down his legs and under his belly...
I phoned the shar-pei rescue centre and got some advice with the care that he would need...
I then phoned the dogs home - who advised that they had phoned animal welfare who would only give him 7 days to be re-homed if nobody took him - he would be put down...

Ready for Santa Claus with his stocking!

Being a cheeky boy - curled up on my bed!

So my best friend and I jumped in the car to go and visit him - he looked so sad we both ended up in tears and I agreed to take him - with my dad picking him up after the weekend giving me chance to get the things that we needed to care from him...
So meet Rufus! He is definately a mummies boy as he follows me everywhere - even if I am doing the housework he sits with me as he needs to have me near! Yes that even includes when I am in the shower or on the loo! ;-)

My lovely boys big wrinkly head!

So here is my beautiful boy and yes he is still a little scabby but he is very loyal my family and he is a lovely addition to the family... This is a very different post for me and I hope you like my lovely boy!
I will post a card later today and thank you for looking!
Rufus is currently asleep on the floor in front of the window - he is the laziest dog ever - will not walk far!
Debbi x 


  1. Rufus seems to think he's your shadow x

  2. Rufus looks a lovely boy and is so lucky to have found someone who really loves him.

    How old is he?

    1. The dogs home said that he was about 4 but I think he is a lot older - he is like an old man! x and thank you x

  3. What a cutie, love all those adorable wrinkles!!!!

    Ali x

  4. What a gift - for both of you! Love him!

  5. He is one cute dog! I thought he was a puppy when I saw the first picture. One lucky lad. :-)

  6. Those dogs are so stinking cute!


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