Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Blog awards...

Yeay two awards and i must apologise for for how long it has taken me to get them on!

The first one is from my very good friend Sam who is a crafty buddy right on the doorstep - with more penny black stamps than I ow (always a good friend to have - although I win on Stampin Up!) and the second is from Teri who has followed my blog for ages and has made lovely comments on my work... Check out their blogs they are great - so to kill two birds with one stone I am going to give both awards to the following people...

Dawn - beautiful work and very classy always so bright

Germana - sent me a lovely card from ILWS card swap

Jules - great cards and fantastic designs

Monica - a lovely lady that has never failed to answer ANY question that I have asked (although she laughs at where my craft stuff is kept!)

Sara - a great designer and always says lovely things about my work!

Thanks for looking and heres hoping we continue to be friends and visit eachothers blogs x x x


  1. Thank you Debbi, its very kind of you! well I don't know too many people, so will have to accept your award and think of returning to your blog! Many thanks!

  2. Sorry Debbi - tried to comment yesterday but was having a few tekkie problems. Thank you for these awards, it was so sweet of you to think of me. I already have them so I won't pass them on again but I'll be sure to mention you on my blog. I'll definitely keep on dropping by. Sara xx


Thank You for taking the time to visit my blog... All your comments are appreciated - Happy Crafting... Hugs Debbi x