Wednesday, 15 February 2012


The card this week was from Belgium and I will be hinest I struggled again! but the idea I came up with I am really pleased with the end result! I couldn't find an image for inspiration that I was happy with so took to google and decide that I would search artists first of all and then look for one that I like - this is where I came across the artist Pol Ledent. As you will see his work is beautiful and the images that I have found are all beautiful - some of his work reminds me of Monet and the image that I have used for inspiration i think will show you why.
This image stood out to me straight away and I love the depth of colour that is used and look at the sky in the background - love it.
This is the first attempt of my card and you will see that it is much too dark for what I wanted to create - although I do like the brayered sky being that dark. Once I have done that I inked the edges and then babywiped the card as well.
This is my finished card and I am sure you will agree the sky is much better for what I was looking to create. I  have brayered the backdround in night of navy and then again from the bottom in bashful blue. I then dabbed a babywipe in ink and all over the surface of the card.
I chose to use the stamps from pocket silhouettes and I love the effect that these created and I finished the card with the tall tree from lovely as a tree. I also stamped some of the images off to create a softer effect.
I am really pleased with how this turned out.
Now to the story - this weeks card is to Annie and Teddy is apologising for a mistake that he made and wanting forgiveness!


  1. lovely card, i really like your 1st attempt the colour is lovely but the 2nd card works well in the style you wanted (does that even make sence?)


  2. love reading your process. beautiful blues. love the simplicity and colors of the first attempt. your final one is beautiful as well and love the flowers.

  3. Very pretty card Debbi and a lot of work to get it so right. A xx

  4. beautiful colours. blue is my favourite..really pretty postcard..

  5. it turned out so well, i really love it, simple but totally beautiful. Delicate but vibrant too.

  6. Pretty card, and I agree your sky is very successful.

    Janet xx

  7. Such a lovely card.

  8. Such a pretty card.


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