Monday, 20 February 2012

POSTCARD CHALLENGE 2012! the postcard...

This week we find ourselves in Wales and I know I have said this nearly every week but again I did struggle - as mainly a card making and a stamper it is sometimes difficult to come up with a suitable image that represents the country in which we should be... So I did find a magnolia stamp where the girl was holding some flowers and for the purpose of this post - the flowers that the girl is holding are DAFFODILS!
I decided that I would use a simple image and create a background on the card that kind of went with it. I coloured my image using my polychromos and sansador I am loving this technique I love the depth of colour that you are able to create relatively quickly.
Once I had finished the colouring of the image I then inked the edges of the image using daffodil yellow from stampin up and mounted the image on wasabi green and then again onto daffodil yellow card.
I mounted this onto a plain white background and then used the large stamp from Just believe to create the background and luckily some of the flowers on this stamp look like daffodils! I then stamped off the stamp in wasabi green fill in some of the gaps where needed. I am pleased with how my card turned out but didn't really get inspired by something to create it... I think more research is needed this week...
However onto the story... Annie is replying to Teddy it says 'I am in Wales. The flowers the girl holds are daffodils still my favourite... They say time is a great healer but the hurt you caused doesn't, the lies don't go away - Annie


  1. Smiles to the daffodils!
    I'm not a fan of using yellow but I think you made a lovely card. I'm sorry to find out it's such a struggle to make your cards. Hope the next country Cuba will be easy on you! I'm clueless and have to Google a bit... Sigars, latin dance music, lots of color, I think... Really have to check if I'm right!!! :)

  2. adorable. Annie's having a hard time. Hope Teddy changes his ways.

  3. beautiful Postcard, I love daffs xx

  4. Your postcard is lovely! Such sweet daffodils and a very poignant story. I understand what you say about finding it difficult to move away from card making. Instead of stamping ink, think paint and instead of rubber stamps try digis as well, there are lots of free ones out there. Looking forward to next one!

    Janet xx

  5. Great postcard> I'm a stamper too and I've turned to the internet and collage for most of my postcards

  6. Lovely card, love your yellow background. I'm a stamper too so know where you are coming from. Challenge is good though and it is pushing me and my form of art forward I think. Am loving this journey.
    Jen x

  7. Beautiful card... Never thought of looking through my stamp collection ... This is perfect! I have a lovely magnolia image with tulips for when we visit holland maybe?

  8. Your postcard is adorable Debbie :D I was "mostly a carder/scrapbooker/stamper too :D and I love what you've done with the background! If you prefer to stamp your images but don't feel you have one that matches the country exactly, just colour your tilda in the colours of the nations flag...simple :D XXX

  9. a cute postcard, lovely colouring..look forward to seeing next weeks...

  10. adorable...and again those daffodils make me happy, happy! aloha.

  11. Love your daffodils! Your card is lovely too!
    I've been over to your blog so many times via Crafty Bloggers Network, I didn't realise I wasn't a follower already until I checked just now!! lol!! My apologies!!!
    Dawn xx


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