Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A Tribute to a very Special Friend...

Over the past few months you will have seen several posts on my blog that relate to my friend that was suffering a very rare type of cancer that was basically kicking her arse and causing her to meet each day with a battle - which she did so bravely and with such strength that I will forever remember and admire her grit and determination.
Her husband Mat was the guy that was growing his beard for the whole of 2012 - again I posted the link to his beardathon which was targeted to help raise £10,000 for the amazing hospice in our local area Willow Wood which Joanie used on a regular basis for respite and to also continue her love of card making!
Sadly Joanie lost her fight in the early hours of 11th December and although heaven gained a very special angel that day the world became slightly darker - another fabulous person taken from us whilst suffering so much pain from Cancer.
So whilst my creative juices have not really been flowing as they normally would over the last few weeks I have taken some time to create these cards that I have dedicated to a very special friend... I was also going to take some up to Willow Wood to donate them so that they could sell them if they thought they could and I am also going to donate some of the bits and pieces that I no longer use to the weekly classes that they do up there to help the people that get so much joy from them!

Joan's surname was swift so each of the cards that I have created is swift themed... The set that I have used is Notably Ornate - I hope you like my cards an thanks for looking! Debbi xxx


  1. <3 i want some of those cards. please. xxx

  2. At peace now... what a lovely tribute

  3. So sorry about your friend hun, sound like she was a very special person,my thoughts are with you and her family. The cards are beautiful and a lovely tribute to her xxxx

  4. They are awesome. Joan would love them. In Next atm the have got a couple of tops with Swifts on. They wouldn't suit me but made me think of Joan

  5. gorgeous cards and a wonderful tribute x

  6. Sorry to hear about your friend Debbi - cancer is a very cruel disease. I am sure she would be very touched to see the lovely cards you have made in memory of her.

    Catherine x

  7. Sorry for the loss of your friend!
    How lovely that you're making cards in her honour! These will bring pleasure to many people!
    Dawn xx

  8. Sorry for your loss, a touching tribute, Hugs xx

  9. wendy joanies aunt15 January 2012 at 19:48

    lovely thankyou x


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