Thursday, 12 January 2012


So I have been working on this weeks postcard from Spain that will be posted to my blog tomorrow morning and will continue the story of Teddy and Annie... I also wanted to have somewhere to keep the postcards once I had made them that was seperate from the rest of my card making things... I have been looking at envelope books as somewhere to keep them and although I have made one before it was many years ago and not on the scale of what I need now - being a home to 52 cards!
I started with a base of basic grey card and this was consertined to house 26 envelopes that I would keep the cards in...

Once I had consertined the card I began to stick envelopes to it using tombow glue - this is VERY sticky and by the end you guessed it I was covered!

Once I had completed this I added a spine to the consertina and bone folded each of the seams where the envelopes were placed as you can imagine again I was covered in glue!

I created two covers for the book and I wheeled them with the very vintage wheel in real red and then randomly stamped the postcard stamp over the top of this in black... I love the effect that this gives and am pleased with the outcome - I was hoping to find an atlas in the local charity shop but was out of luck (I think that this works well though)

Here is the finished book... I cannot wait to make some more postcards to put in it... Spain's is already completed! I hope you like it and thanks for looking! Debbi x

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  1. great idea! love the yummy red. look forward to your card. mine is still in progress


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