Saturday, 10 March 2012

Liebster Award

This is a very late post and apologies to Abbie for being completely disorganised and not posting sooner a) to say thank you for the award and b) for completing the task of awarding this to other bloggers...
The award originates from Germany and means 'Beloved' can also mean 'Favourite' As part of the tradition I now have to pass this on to five blogs that have ... that have under 200 followers I have chosen my blogs from crafty bloggers network as I regularly visit them, but Helen I have known for a few years! - so thank you to Abbie for the award:

Leonie -
Helen -
Elaine -
Ali -
Nicky -


  1. Thank you! Now need to choose 5 to pass it on to

  2. thank you so much hun xxxxx


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