Tuesday, 13 March 2012

blog award...

Thank you for another award Debbi (not me!) and Marie it is always great when other crafters and people with so much talent - recognise your work! So thank you xxx For this award I have to nominate 15 blogs that inspire me and I also have to share 7 facts about myself...

Helen -
Caz -
Dawn -
Debe -
Isobel -
Gem -
Martin -
Emma  -
Sam -
Donna -
Alma -
Lisa -
Kate -
Jo -
Angela -

So on to the 7 facts about me...

1) I have always been crafty but really started to craft when I met my neighbour Sam when we moved in our house (Sam's Bits) and I became addicted to paper crafting!
2) At the minute I am suffering from severe back pain caused by 2 herniated discs and a compressed nerve meaning that I am struggling to do just about everything!
3) I have the best husband and family - we go through ups and downs (as everyone does) but we do it together and we get through it together... I thank my lucky stars for them and my close friends I am very lucky
4) I would love to build myself a career within the crafting industry
5) I LOVE Manchester United and dislike that my hubby is a City supporter and has corrupted my eldest son to the blue side of Manchester
6) I have read all the Harry Potter books at least 3 times each
7) my 3 year old son has a baby doll called Steve and my eldest son kisses my hand everyday when I pick him up from school

thanks again to Debbi and Marie
Happy Stampin!
Debbi x


  1. Congrats Debbi! We are similar, aren't we, ACCEPT...I LOVE Manchester City (I'm actually a season ticket holder and go with my dad), so sorry I'd have to take your husband's side on that :)


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