Friday, 4 March 2011


Ok so I have not posted for a number of weeks and there have been a number of reasons for this, crafting inspiration left me, stress of family stuff and time being the major factors but I have found my lacking inspiration and have given myself a stern talking to and will be back posting to normal in the next couple of weeks!
I have even started to get my fingers inky and will share what I have created in the next few days...
I have to say that I have missed crafting but it amazes me when life gets on top of you that sometimes you just cannot muster the enthusiasm to get inky and create! So here is to getting back to normal and sharing with you what I am making from here on in!
and yes things are getting back to normal on the family front to... Having two young boys is very stressful at times!
So here is to getting inky again and having some fun with bits of paper and card!
Debbi x x x

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  1. Glad your feeling more positive Chicken. x x x


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