Saturday, 27 November 2010


Well it seems to be coming very very fast this year - but is this because Joshua is very excited and for the first time in years we are very much on the last minute! So I am making lots and lots of candles at the moment and am  loving doing them - they are so quick to do once you get used to the technique you can create perfect results that will last for years (as long as you don't light the candle!)
Here are some pictures for you!
I love how the effect can be altered by how you colour the image and each time I complete a candle am amazed by how good the results look!
I hope you like them and thanks for looking! Debbi x x x

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  1. Loving your candles. They look so professional.

    Enjoyed meeting you at convention though sorry you weren't well or we could hopefully have chatted longer. Maybe in Disneyland Paris next year!

    Sara xx


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