Friday, 20 August 2010

Crafting area...

Well as many of you know I have recently left full time work on a career break to be with my boys and this has meant that I am able to devote some much needed time to crafting HOORAH! I did not think that I would be able to to with the boys being home for the summer however I have managed quite a lot and am really enjoying starting new regular classes starting up a meet up group as well as having a tidy house and clean floors!
As I have been doing more crafting I have decided to move everything off my dining room table and craft in my bedroom where all my stuff is. Most of it is stored in storage boxes under the bed but thee was an increasing number of boxes that were creeping around the edge of my room...
I talked hubby into a morning trip to IKEA so that we could pick a new chest of drawers to go in the corner of our (my) room to store craft stuff in and get rid of all the boxes! This is what was happening in our room as hubby was trying to to build the drawers he had two very keen helpers that were bordering on being somewhat of a hindrance! As you can see from my bed I needed to get this built and all the stuff on the bed away!
I have organised all my stash and that has taken many days but I feel now I am in a better position to be productive and work on not only building my classes but my SU business going forward over the next few months. I have had some exciting enquiries re my crafting over the last weeks and I will keep you posted on where that is headed.
Also check back for future classes there are a couple of different ones planned in coming weeks not just cards! Don't worry though they all involve stamping! Thanks for looking - Debbi x x x


  1. Look fab Debbie its amazing I am looking forward to coming on your candle class :)

  2. Looks very hectic but exciting ! x

  3. looks very hectic but exciting x

  4. Wow, that's an improvement! Great work on getting your crafting stash under control.. is it still this neat! ;o)

    Look forward to hearing what you have in the pipeline!

  5. It is I cannot cope when it is a mess I need to have it organised and everything in its place! I am very sad - worse since I left work LOL


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