Sunday, 2 May 2010

Still no Crafting...

Ok so this evening I was to spend the might crafting and do some posts for my blog and update it - oooohhhh no change of plan - eldest to A&E with an egg shaped bruise on his head that is now purple and he's been x-rayed! Walked into the bannister so he will now have a black eye and looks like he's been headbutted! Will see if I can get a piccy tomorrow! So night night blogland and fingers crossed for crafty time tomorrow! x x x Debbi


  1. Ah, hope your eldest is recovering OK today Debbi and that you get chance to do some crafting.

    Sara xx

  2. OMG hope dizzy is okay.Give him a kiss from Aunty SamXXX

  3. will do... once his work is finished - he is stripping the toilet as we speak - bless him! daddy little helper...


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