Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow Day...

Well the boys have been with me this week and needless to say we have not been anywhere due to the weather and me not being 100% So yesterday as the sun began to shine we all donned our coats and went into the garden to have a play The picture of me Joshua took as he said I looked pretty - bless him certainly don't feel it at the moment but I said I would post it for him! - Joshua was throwing himself on the floor within about 30 seconds and Aidan didn't move then after about 10minutes of his feet being rooted to the floor he started to scream and we had to abandon our playing and come back inside. However we did manage in that time to make snow angels and throw some snowballs!. We have had over a foot of snow in the last couple of days and that is more than I have seen in the area for more than 20 years and I am gutted that we have no sledge - we live in a very hilly area and there are some great places to sledge! I also took some shots of a dying tree in the garden that came over all pretty in the snow and the shot of Joshua with the blue sky behind him I love - these were taken with hubbies cannon camera, which I have always felt too big for me but I may have to start 'borrowing' it! Joshua is very excited today because his picture is on here but also because it is his birthday - although non of his school friends have invitations for his party on Saturday as he hasn't been in school yet! Must remember next year the invitations before they break up!

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