Monday, 16 November 2009


I thought it was about time I told you a little about the time we SU demos spent in Germany on the first SU European Convention - it was fantastic and I cannot tell you how excited I was to be going - putting aside the fact that I was going to miss my boys terribly and spend a fortune on the phone talking to them!

So going to bed at nearly midnight on the Wednesday and having to be up at 4.00 the following morning - not a good idea! In the car for 4.30am and at Shirleys for 5.00am and heading for the airport - only we had to turn around as Helen had phoned me whilst i was driving and my phone was still sat on my drivers seat! (no surprise there then!)

After an uneventful journey to Frankurt and eventually finding Jane at the airport - who would have believed she was on the last minute?? We arrived at the beautiful hotel and each settled in for an hour or so and then went for a late lunch in the local town - we had a beautiful meal of roast beef and red cabbage and the were some dodgy looking potatoes that were OK but very starne in texture.

That evening a few of us met for an evening meal and a wander around the other side of Bad Homburg. Basically Shirley, Helen and I gatecrashed Michelle's evening with her team! and we had a great night - lots of laughter and crafty chat!

The following morning after we had registered for the convention we did our general swaps and I cannot tell you how exciting this was - to meet so many of my crafty heros a bunch of very talented demonstrators and see them in person - although for the most part I do wish people were wearing their sign on for ILWS! as I didn't recognise many people at first - so lovely to put faces to the names and meet the many talented people that I have come to know in the world of ILWS and SU in the last year...

The Convention was so inspiring and informative I cannot wait to put what I have learned into practice and the workshop wows were great giving me so many ideas of what to include in classes and the workshops that I complete!

Above are some of the pictures that I took of the people I met and some of the amazing projects that were completed for the convention - enjoy! Here's to London Baby...

Thanks for looking - Debbi x x x

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  1. Thanks for sharing your photos. That is a fab demo board!


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